My Life With Aspergers, A Tale From the Lost Generation

By Charli Devnet


The moon was treasured by many primitive peoples far beyond the sun—its light pierces the darkness when it is most needed. Were it not for the moon, the night would hang over the earth unbroken like the very shroud of death. Now the moon is beautiful and welcome, but cold, remote and untouchable as well, and faithfully follows her own prescribed path, as the people of Aspergia do. Yet once, even the moon fell in love.


With honesty, deep insight, and eloquence, Charli Devnet’s poignant memoir describes growing up in the 1960s with undiagnosed Asperger Syndrome. Intelligent children, who seemed odd, fell through the cracks, with no understanding of why they were unable to cope. There was no recognition that help was needed, and so, no help was offered. This timely memoir clearly depicts what it was like to grow up with a condition that few understood or knew existed.

YVONA FAST, author, Employment for Individuals with Asperger Syndrome or Non-Verbal Learning Disability: Stories and Strategies and Other Books


ISBN: 978-1-883647-22-3
List Price: $24.95
234 Pages, 6x9