By JT Rizzo



Paddy Tyler and the Secret of the Stones, by JT Rizzo, is the story of a fifteen-year-old boy living in Maine in the 1950s and the discovery of his Micmac Indian heritage. His father has died recently leaving Paddy to cope, along with his mother, brother and sister, with managing the family potato farm and the realizations and prejudices that come with the new-found understanding of who he is. Spurred on by the spirit of his father, Paddy begins to understand where he came from and the significance of an ancient Indian ceremonial site that Paddy has long known as “his secret place.” Paddy’s drive to find his long-lost Indian grandparents begins his quest for his true identity. From his grandfather, he learns about his Micmac ancestors and throughout the book we are regaled with authentic Micmac legends that introduce the reader to the indigenous tradition of the storyteller. We are taken on a heart-warming journey from Maine to an Indian reservation in New Mexico where Paddy learns to stand up and honor the past from which he came and where he begins to understand that the Indian ceremonial site back in Maine holds even deeper secrets that he must discover.



ISBN-13: 978-1-883647-15-5
List Price: $12.95
200 Pages, 6x9


JT Rizzo was raised in Huntingdon Valley, PA and now resides in Westminster, VT, where, in addition to writing, he enjoys teaching along with his work as a chiropractor.