The Mystery of Intimate Relationship

By Jack Zimmerman, PhD and
Jaquelyn McCandless, MD




WARNING! Flesh and Spirit is dangerous
to the health of your old ideas and expectations about intimate relationship. Reading this revolutionary book dissolves the age-old dispute between sexuality and spirituality and will forever transform the way you and your partner relate. The authors invite you on a journey that embraces everything from ecstatic erotic communion to slogging it out in the trenches of daily life. The journey is at times illuminating, humorous, sexy, informative—and, ultimately, profoundly inspiring.


Very highly recommended. Flesh and Spirit is supported by devastating yet liberating honesty—the authors carry the reader, step by step, through the sexual/spiritual stages of relationship…into awareness of Divine Eros.

W. Brugh Joy, M.D.
author of Joy's Way—
A Map for the Transformational Journey

and Avalance—Heretical Reflections on the
Dark and the Light.


ISBN: 188364707X
List Price: $18.95
255 Pages, 6x9


Jaquelyn McCandless is a board-certified psychiatrist, anti-aging specialist, and irreverent explorer of sexual alchemy.

Jack Zimmerman is an educational consultant, counselor, and intrepid survivor of transformational relationship. He is also coauthor of The Way of Council and director of the Ojai Foundation in Southern California, where Jaquelyn and he offer "Mystery of Eros" intensives for couples.