A Celebration of Life

By Anne Hillman



Anne Hillman gathers up the skeins of love and grief, rage, the destructive, beauty and death, and weaves the story of a woman at the end of the twentieth century into the blazing story of the universe. We discover, along with the dancing animal woman, that we are no longer lonely: we belong, not just to our gender, our race, our nation or any other memberships by which we define ourselves, but to life itself. This is a state of healing that the author calls integrity; and in this potentially life-altering book, we discover how our personal journeys contribute to the spectacular dance that is the evolving story of the human race.


This is a rare and unusual book, one of the first of its kind. On one level, The Dancing Animal Woman documents a journey in consciousness as it takes place in the author over the course of her adult life; but on yet another level, this story of personal transformation is an explicit expression of a major shift in cultural awareness that, in varying degrees, involves every thinking person of our time. The shift is not only a personal transformation, not only a cultural change; it is, as Anne Hillman celebrates, a shift from one form of humanity to another.

Anne Hillman evokes the mutual reverence, the mystical bonding needed between human beings and the natural world. Right on target.

Thomas Berry, PhD
author of The Dream of the Earth
and co-author, with Brian Swimme, The Universe Story


ISBN: 978-1-883647-01-8
List Price: $18.95
252 Pages, 6x9


As an Organizational Development consultant for twenty years, Anne Hillman, MEd, functioned as a change agent for hospitals, businesses, schools, government and non-profit organizations throughout the United States, helping individuals and work groups to initiate their own growth and development in times of rapid change. Working with senior management and their entire organizations, she assisted her clients to shed preconceived ideas and forms in order to tap new levels of group functioning and creativity. Since 1978, her own creative work has led to an inquiry into the internal aspects of social change—reaching beyond psychology and traditional institutional approaches. After studying with Brian Swimme and Thomas Berry, she has focused on the interior human development required to support their work. She is certified by ICCS, a graduate Institute in Creation Spirituality founded by Matthew Fox, and in Ontological Studies by Richard Moss, MD.